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Phishing and Social Engineering

Social engineering can be different from "phishing". It is the process of manipulating the human aspect of a security system to gain access to sensitive information, taking advantage of human inattention.

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What does the test look like?

The test will consist in attacking your organization with malware that may take advantage of the user's inattention and discover access data to the system.
We will also check what data the attacker can obtain if the device is stolen (this may require direct access to an employee’s device)


What can you expect?

A full breakdown of where the company is vulnerable, as well as training for employees who will learn how to defend themselves against social engineering attacks.

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What do you get? 

Peace of mind and the ability to focus on your business, without fear of a potential attack.

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Where do we provide our service? 

We will perform the test remotely and/or on-site