Working From Home Security Tips

When you work from home, the line between your personal self and professional self may blur.

The risk of identity mix-ups and misplaced data is constant. One email sent to the wrong address or one ill-advised selfie posted to your social media profile could be disastrous.

To reduce the potential for such disasters and for better work-life integration, separate your work and personal life in the digital world:

1. Have Distinct Online Identities
Start with your work email. Don’t use this address to sign up for services that aren’t related to your work. Use your personal email address instead.

You might also want to have separate social media accounts for work and personal use. After all, professional networking on social media has certain dos and don’ts that may not apply to the personal sphere.

2. Use Separate Devices
If you limit your work-related tasks and personal ones to distinct devices, you don’t have to worry about any mix-ups of data or identity.

3. Storage
Don’t use company supplied storage to keep all your personal files. Data retention policies may apply to storage areas which means that data could be removed.
Don’t use non-approved corporate cloud solutions, to store work data. It puts that data outside the control of your employer for which it may have legal and/or contractual requirements to keep safe.